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Why are we doing this?

We understand that the actions of the Russian president towards Ukraine are gruesome and unforgivable. However, a good amount of the people fleeing Russia at the moment are the very people who do not support these actions - either actively or silently. Those people should not be punished for the crimes of their country.

Our effort is to show the reality and stories of those people. People, who are much more similar to you than you would expect.

We hope that those stories help both sides to understand each other better.

Who are we?

We - the creators of this website - are safe. However our friends (and their friends) are not.

Those are our stories:


We've also created a website www.safeineu.cz to give practical tips for the people fleeing Russia. It is mainly about the Czech Republic, but it also shares links to the information about other countries (that are possibly more welcoming at the moment).

This website should mainly help people who are in Russia (or transiting) at this very moment. For that reason, it avoids mentioning the word "war" (and similar), as it might bring unnecessary trouble to those people in case they are detained.

We are looking for volunteers who can help us expand its content and provide updates about the current situation.

For media

We will be glad if you spread the word about or project! You can download and use our media kit with the complete information about us.

Frequently asked questions

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Information on privacy

This website does not use any cookies (or any third party code that would use them). It does not store any of your personal information either. The only persisted information is your Dark mode preference - whether you like the website in its dark or light version. We save this to the cache of your browser ("locale storage").

For the measuring our page views we use Plausible.io. It is a tool made specifically with the user's privacy in mind and provides truly anonymized results (as opposed to Google analytics, for instance).

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